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Question: Why do most Guys prefer Butts and Boobs to Legs?
Answer: I love their culture. I will definitely enjoy being pampered Did you really like him? What makes it even worse, is that when you see him distancing himself from you, then you try harder. When I would see a guy losing interest in me, I would try even harder, be more attentive, message them more, and hang on for dear life.
Question: Left hanging, now what?
Answer: Can you do about a thailand men? He seems distant, difficult and strange—especially lately. You might be completely confused right now and on the fence about what to do. Do you keep pursuing this situation or do you cut your losses?
Question: When did you get your chest hair?
Answer: Geez, the girl speaking polish sounded like she's never spoken it before. major disappointment Two people realize that they can be genuine and open with each other — and that they like who the other person genuinely truly is.
Question: Doesn't want me to think it's a sexaul realtionship???
Answer: As a German girl myself i do agree on all points except the part about making plans. We're pretty spontanous too ; and I'm the one who is always late lol We build it up. But not every relationship is a perfect love story. Sometimes, we're just too caught up in the moment to realize the clear signs that something is wrong are there.
Question: 7 hours rule before starting a LTR?
Answer: Mamma porco giuda chiudi quel cazzo di frigo! The truth is break-ups are hard, even if you are the one who wants to leave the relationship.
Question: Why do people delete each other on Facebook?
Answer: I'm southern European and i first drank alcohol when i was 6 or 8 The world is filled with gorgeous, strong, intelligent women who, for whatever reason, find themselves losing all common sense and dignity because of men. I mean, Sex and the City was a huge hit show for a reason — whether you reacted to things like a Carrie or a Charlotte, you identified with those women and their trials and tribulations involving the opposite sex. However, at some point, you need to take a step back from your emotions and assess the situation logically.
Question: What would be considerd clean cut?
Answer: Irish, Russian, Costa Rican, and French accents were the best. The Irish accent in general is one of my favorite accents, along with Russian and German, because they sound angry yet adorable. Your guy may say that he loves you, but he may not be the most proficient when it comes to expressing just how much you mean to him. And girls love feeling reassured every now and then.
Question: Do the women marry the men they FZ'ed?
Answer: Oh dear her way of talking. so sexy. And of course, she is beautiful :)

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Question: Why doesn't she believe what I say?
Answer: In my country, the first date is usually paid by the guy. But once they're comfortable, it will depend on the dynamics of the relationship. Hahaha

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Question: What's with the sarcasm and ridicule?
Answer: I am moving to Israel.

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Question: Alright Ladies....Hot guy or smart guy?
Answer: When she steals your best friend.

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Question: Would you date someone who currently had a FWB?
Answer: Have the French from France because the Quebecers are wayyyyyyyy better looking and more charming!

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